Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

      Kyrgyzstan attracts travelers with snow-capped peaks, high Alpine meadows, fields filled with the aromas of plants and flowers, clean mountain rivers and calm mirror lakes scattered among the mountain peaks. In addition to the stunningly beautiful natural attractions, tourism in Kyrgyzstan will introduce you to the ancient history of the silk road. Any tour of Kyrgyzstan will be a unique, non-banal experience that is sure to remain a vivid memory for anyone who has visited it.

Kyrgyzstan is the peak of the Eurasian continent and is located exactly between East and West. Despite the fact that Kyrgyzstan is quite small, there are three peaks at once-seven thousand meters, because 94% of the country is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, and 80% of the land is occupied by the Tien Shan. If you want to see all the diversity of climate zones in Kyrgyzstan, you just need to go Hiking, and along the way you will definitely come across coniferous forests, tundra vegetation, high-altitude pastures and rocky mountain peaks.

Tours to Kyrgyzstan are ideal for those who like active holidays in the mountains. Recently, the local mountain rivers have become a popular destination for those who are fond of rafting, and there is also a huge variety of routes for Hiking and climbing. In winter, people in Kyrgyzstan ski and snowboard, and in summer they ride mountain bikes. Especially brave tourists can test themselves in hang gliding, skydiving or base jumping. Fans of long-distance walks will enjoy Hiking and horseback trips to where mysterious lakes and gorges are hidden in the depths of the mountains.


Well, if you are used to enjoying nature in more peaceful conditions, go to the untouched mountain pastures of Kyrgyzstan. Summer pastures, or so-called “jailoo”, have been established by shepherds for many years in picturesque valleys, gorges, on the banks of lakes and meadows. Here, away from the city bustle, surrounded by yurts, breathing in the clean mountain air, everyone will feel at one with nature, having the opportunity to relax and reboot. After a rest, you can make a simple hike or horse ride lasting from several hours to several days, depending on how rich an adventure you need.

For those who are not interested in mountains and extreme sports, tourism in Kyrgyzstan also offers many opportunities. During trips to museums in Kyrgyzstan, you can get acquainted with its rich culture and history, Dating back to centuries when Kyrgyzstan was the center of empires and civilizations, an important point for merchants on the great Silk road. The influence of China, Persia, Turkey and Russia can still be traced in the culture of Kyrgyzstan, whether it is historical sites or works of art.

Archaeological sites and petroglyphs serve as evidence of the long history of Kyrgyzstan, and bazaars are Islands of the ancient silk road that have survived to the present day. To demonstrate the peculiarities and traditions of nomadic life in Kyrgyzstan, there are Yurt camps, various festivals and exhibitions.

The main wealth of Kyrgyzstan is lake Issyk-Kul, one of the largest and deepest mountain lakes in the world. Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, Issyk-Kul lake does not freeze even in the harshest winter. Evaporation makes the lake salty, which makes Issyk-Kul the second largest salt lake in the world after the Caspian sea. The North shore is known for its resorts and beaches, including Cholpon-ATA, a haven of ancient petroglyphs. The southern coast is famous for its natural attractions and trails leading to the Terskei Ala-Too region and to the glaciers above Karakol.


Tian Shan

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan can offer activities that appeal to every tourist, from the thrill seeker to the escapist and cultural enthusiast. The mountains are ideal for Hiking, horse riding, skiing or rafting, or just relaxing in the fresh air.

Issyk-Kul is suitable for a full summer vacation with all the amenities. In addition to the impressive nature, Kyrgyzstan has archaeological sites and cultural centers that will be remembered by any traveler for a long time.

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