The caravanserai Tash-Rabat

Tash-Rabat is a unique architectural monument located in the rather picturesque Kara-Koyun gorge of the Naryn region, 110 km South of the city of Naryn, at an altitude of 3200 m above sea level. Tash-Rabat is one of the main architectural attractions of Kyrgyzstan, which dates back to the 15th century.

In the middle ages, on the great Silk road, the Tash-Rabat fortress served as a caravanserai, that is, it was an Inn for merchants and travelers. Tash-Rabat was located on the trade route that in those days connected the Chui and Ferghana valleys with Kashgar. For hunters and cattlemen, this stone building was an unusual structure, and it was associated with ancient legends.

Scientists were very active in the study of Tash-Rabat in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Scientists have defined the cultural component of this complex and its purpose in different ways. Some of them believed that the construction of Tash-Rabat dates back to the late middle ages. Others said it was the ruins of a Christian Nestorian monastery that was built in the 10th-11th century.

In the 1980s, the restoration of this cultural monument, which has an important historical value for the country, was carried out. After the restoration, it is visited by tourists from different countries.

The history of the construction of Tash-Rabat is controversial. According to the documents, it was ordered to be built by the local ruler, Muhammad Khan. But old-timers tell a different story: “Tash-Rabat was built by a father and son. And almost at the very end of the construction, when it was necessary to put the last stone on the dome, a caravan appeared on the horizon. The son left his job and went to see who was going there. His father told him to finish the job first. But he didn’t listen, left, and never came back. It turned out that a beautiful young girl was traveling with the caravan. Tash-Rabat has been without a roof ever since.

Such an unusual architectural monument is located in the Naryn region. From Tash-Rabat, you can make a fascinating transition through the pass to the beautiful high-mountain lake Chatyr-Kul.

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