Sights Of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

An interesting city is Bishkek, whose name in the local dialect means “device for kumisovzbivaniya”. Currently, this locality is the capital center of Kyrgyzstan, in addition, it is a modern city of historical significance. For Kyrgyz people, Bishkek is a “green” land, due to the fact that oaks and poplars grow throughout its territory, which have been pleasing the local population for centuries with their greatness and grace. The city is surrounded by a young spirit that energizes tourists who come here from all over the world.

Since the seventh century, the history of Bishkek began, but at that time the created settlement was called Jul, which sounded like a blacksmith’s fortress. Later, many centuries later, in 1825, a fortress was built in this area, called Pishpek, which was one of the largest garrisons of the Chui valley. The city’s history preserves the memory of the two-time capture of the local Baitik-Baatyr by Russian soldiers and tribes. As a result, the fortress fell, November 1862 was the last period of existence of this structure.

Six years later, the settlement of Pishpek was created on the vacant site. A decade later, the County seat was moved here, and the area received urban status. 1991 gave the city a new name Bishkek. This event happened after the Declaration of independence of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to local lore, this locality received this name due to its consonance with the original “name”. Copyright
There are a lot of sights in Bishkek. So where is the best place to start your introduction? It is natural to start with a visit to the main attraction – the Kyrgyz Museum of historical significance. You will find the building of the research institution on Ala-Too square, which is located near the government house. Walking through the halls of the Museum, you will be able to get acquainted with the history of the city during the primitive communal, slave-owning system, in other halls you will be able to learn how people lived under the feudal lords, And in the largest hall there is an exhibition that tells about the history of Bishkek.

Many tourists who visited this Museum highlight an exhibition dedicated to women’s jewelry that was worn by fashionistas of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to these expositions, you can see the history of the October revolution, as well as how this locality was affected by the Patriotic war. And the building itself is a magnificent structure with a beautiful dome and unusual decor.
Erkindik gallery is located in the heart of Bishkek. Locals call this place “Arbat”, and others call it “Vernissage of the city”. Here, many artists and artisans exhibit their works, which you can buy if you like a masterpiece. In addition, everyone can choose the perfect souvenir that will always remind you of the “green Bishkek region”.

Looking at the paintings, you will immediately notice how bright the canvases are, and the palette of colors is diverse. The amazing thing about them is that there are no similar images. All of them are individual and convey different moods. At the end of the walk, be sure to order your portrait or image of a loved one. Local artists are so adept at their work that it is difficult to distinguish them from the original. Novice artists will be able to observe the work of craftsmen and, perhaps, learn some skills.
At the end of your walk, take a look at the sculpture Museum, which is located in the city center, directly under the open sky in an amazing green place-oak Park. In the middle of it stands a beautiful fountain called the “twelve bowls”. The sculptures located in the Park were created by talented sculptors of Kyrgyzstan, who gladly presented them to Bishkek.

Walking along the paths, you can see various sculptural figures, both in group and single view. In total, there are about a hundred types of pedestals. There are sculptures made of metal and stone. In addition, the atmosphere in the Park is simply fabulous. Oaks-sorcerers, like huge giants, welcome guests and protect them from the outside hectic world. You can walk through it and enjoy the peace and quiet.
You can get to Bishkek from Moscow by air. There are regular flights in this direction. You will have to spend almost four hours in the air. However, you will not be able to fly directly. On the way, you will definitely have to make a transfer in Novosibirsk. Upon arrival in Bishkek, it is best to use the services of a local taxi, since the Central part of the city is almost thirty kilometers from the airport.

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