Mountain hunting

Kyrgyzstan is a jewel in the Golden crown of Central Asia. If you are a fan of classic mountain hunting-this country is for you. Siberian ibex, vintorogy goat and RAM Marco Polo-trophies that do not lend themselves to everyone, but if you feel in good physical shape and confidently shoot at a distance of up to 600 m, we invite you to our club of mountain hunters and without a trophy You will not leave here.

Fishing in Kyrgyzstan can not please with diversity, but the combination of the beauty of the surrounding nature with hunting wild brook trout, a small but worthy opponent, can not leave the heart of the fisherman indifferent. Order a fishing Safari in Kyrgyzstan and we will guide you through the best rivers of this beautiful mountain country.
Trophies Trophies
Marco Polo RAM, Capricorn.
Hunting for Capricorn
The Kingdom of Capricorn is the name of the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, where representatives of the largest species of Central Asian Capricorn live

The hunt for Marco Polo sheep
Marco Polo is one of the most beautiful mountain sheep and a very enviable and prestigious hunting trophy. Argali hunting is a full-fledged mountain hunting and before you go to it, you need to soberly assess your strength..


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