Kyrgyz Republic – is placed in north-eastern part of Central Asia and most picturesque place, more than two-thirds of its territory is occupied by mountains, which represents one of the most interesting mountainous regions of our planet which manifests itself in a variety of climates, landscapes, flora and fauna and is one of the most interesting mountain regions of our planet – the Central Tien Shan.

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan is one of the greatest experiences you get in your lifetime! We offer high value hunts in untouched nature on Marco Polo (Ovis ammon polii) and Ibex (Capra sibirica).

Our company is operating over 15 years in this industry and gained respect and loyalty from hunters all over the world.

The comfortable camps, pleasant and professional guides, delicious food, the use of horses and the trophies that you take make this hunt a memorable experience.

General Information

Area: 198500 square kilometers 94% of the country is mountainous. The average height – 2,750 m above sea level.

Government type: Republic

Population: more than 5 million

Ethnic groups: in Kyrgyzstan live more than 80 different nations

Time: GMT + 5 hours.

Money: National currency is the Som = 100 tyin

Advice: For guests, sun can make a pleasant surprise, so we recommend to use protective creams at least in the early days to avoid sunburn. And prepare your warm clothes.


The hunting is carried out on mountains of Tien-Shan on 3000-4200m height above the sea-level. Conditions of high mountains are characterized by rarefied air and temperature is from +10°C to -15°C (depending on the season).

Conditions: Hunting is carried on horses and assisted by professional hunters (guides). The living conditions of hunting camp are favorable. Equipment, camping outfit, horses, comfortable lodges, sufficiency of water, and three meals a day are available in our hunting camps. All camps are provided with electricity. Professional hunters, cook, subsidiary workers would be in camp. During the hunt for sheep Marco Polo you can also take Ibex or wolf, for additional payment.

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