Hunting ground

The diversity of the animal world of Kyrgyzstan contributes to the development of foreign hunting tourism in the Republic. You have an exceptional opportunity to visit the beautiful corners of our country, which has hunting grounds throughout its territory.

From year to year, Kyrgyzstan is becoming more popular for hunters and tourists. The interest of foreign hunters extends to obtaining trophies of such species of wild animals as Marco Polo’s RAM, ibex, and ROE deer. The objects of hunting can also be a wolf, Fox, hare, Ular, keklik, pheasant. Many years of experience in hunting in Kyrgyzstan, as well as a great experience of guides, allows hunters to get excellent trophies. This trophy will be a worthy decoration of any hunter’s collection. And You will have the opportunity to take away not only a hunting trophy, but also get a lot of useful information about the culture, life of the Kyrgyz people and the nature of the mountain region.

Hunting grounds are located in all regions of the country, including three hunting base in Issyk-Kul oblast: “please”, “Semiz Bel”, “Dry Ridge”; three hunting camps in the Naryn region: “Besh-Bala”, “Kirmash” and hunting land in Kochkor district; two hunting land in the Osh region: “Kok-Suu” and “Kashka-Suu”; three sites in Chui oblast: “Carly-Kaindy”, “Belem-Tech”, “Shamsi” and two in Talas oblast: “Kumusta” and “Kara-Bura”.


Muflon hunting farm (Jeti-Oguz district).
The area of the farm is 100 thousand hectares. the Height above sea level is more than 3 thousand meters. The climate is sharply continental. In the camp, you can take up to 3 – 4 people (tourists) for a hunting tour at the same time. Travel by road from Bishkek-450 km, travel time 8-10 hours. Hunting: Marco Polo Sheep, ibex, wolf, and snow cock.

Hunting area “Semiz Bel”
The distance from Bishkek is 250 km. Hunting: pheasant, keklik, hare.

Hunting area “Dry Ridge”
Distance from Bishkek is 400 km. Hunting: pheasant, partridge, hare.


Hunting farm “Besh-Bala” (At-bashinsky district)
The area of the farm is 60 thousand hectares. the Basic hunting camps are located at an altitude of 2800-3500 meters above sea level. Hunting is carried out at an altitude of 3500-4000 meters above sea level. The average temperature in the autumn period is from +10° C. during the day and up to-10-15° C at night. There is a heated hunting house for 3-4 hunter-tourists. Distance from Bishkek to the camp is 600 km by road (journey time from Bishkek -16-18 hours). (Helicopter – for an additional fee). Hunting: Marco Polo’s RAM, Capricorn and wolf.


Hunting area “Chyrmash” (At-bashinsky district).
The area of the farm is 40 thousand hectares. Accommodation in cars with all conditions. The distance from Bishkek to the camp by road is 500 km. Other parameters and conditions are similar to the above-mentioned hunting area. Hunting: Marco Polo’s RAM, Capricorn and wolf.

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