Discover Kyrgyzstan - Perfect Mountain Land

kyrgyzstan nature

With its hospitable folks, majestic snow-capped mountains, charming alpine lakes, delicious cuisine, and multicultural symbiosis, Kyrgyz Republic is a magical place sure to delight. Get inspired by the breathtaking landscapes —impressive peaks, mountain lakes, and glacial ice fields.

kazakh steppes

Don’t get confused by countries’ names ending in ‘stan’. It doesn’t have any common with other dangerous -stan countries. Generally Central Asia is great place to explore. It is really diverse area with mountain vistas, sandy beaches, grassy hills and deserts. From modern cities with fastest internet access to hidden ethno-villages stuck in ancient era.

uzbekistan architecture

We, at KyrgyzLine are ready to provide you best service from falcon hunting in Kyrgyz hillsides to private shopping tours for semiprecious stones in Badakhshan province of Tajikistan. Feel endless stretch of Kazakhstan steppes and enjoy rich cultural and architectural legacy of Uzbekistan, including fascinating mosques and mausoleums built in 14th-century.

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