About hunting in Kyrgyzstan

The fauna of Kyrgyzstan is diverse and heterogeneous. The complexity of geographical factors and the combination of zoogeographic regions are the main factors that formed the fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Hunters know this, and this fact attracts hunting enthusiasts from all over the world. Kyrgyzstan is home to 335 species of birds, including the eagle, vulture, grey Heron, owl, white stork, crane, and Golden eagle. There are 86 species of mammals in the Republic. Of course, you can’t hunt them all, but this variety is impressive and makes trips to Kyrgyzstan an unforgettable adventure for those who love nature. Prices for hunting in Kyrgyzstan are a big surprise even for experienced hunters – it is really affordable, so you can choose a package that meets all Your needs and interests.
Capricorn and Arhar Marco Polo are the most popular trophy animals in Kyrgyzstan, and you can get them during your trip to this beautiful country! Kyrgyzstan is called a great country with friendly people and high-quality trophies. A beautiful mountain country in Central Asia provides excellent opportunities for hunting, a variety of animals, beautiful landscapes and affordable prices amaze every hunter from all over the world.
Hunting in Kyrgyzstan provides another pleasant opportunity to visit historical and architectural sights and get acquainted with the beautiful Kyrgyz traditions. Allow yourself to relax and go hunting in Kyrgyzstan

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